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The racing world is changing. Speeds are increasing, engines burn more efficiently than ever, and online technology has become an essential part of the process. You should expect the same from your ticketing company - SPEED & EFFICIENCY

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FuelTix is a fully integrated ticketing system that allows you to sell tickets at both the ticketing booth and online, scan the tickets, and manage your merchandise and concessions stands all through one system.

Are you tired of worrying about "leaky gates" and having your money walk away from your tills? Are you frustrated that your current system is complicated to use, slow, or doesn't give you the reporting that you need? Are you sick of having to wait for your ticketing company to send you your money? Are your fans asking you why they can't buy tickets to your events online, or are upset about high fees? We have your solution!

  • Simple & easy to use

    Within five minutes you can have your staff trained and ready to start selling tickets. Setting up events is simple.

  • private label online ticketing

    Private label online ticketing included at no additional charge. Plus, YOU set your online fees - not us.  It's up to you.

  • comprehensive reporting library

    We provide real-time reporting at your fingertips. Get all of the information you need in one place - from ticketing to concessions and merchandise.

The Benefits

be more profitable

Set your own online service fees and customize both your box office and online tickets to maximize your sponsorship revenue. 

be more efficient

Spend less time training your ticketing staff and creating your events. Have the reporting numbers that you need at your finger tips and in real-time.

be more fan friendly

Eliminate long lines at your ticket windows by using our exclusive "Rapid Sell" feature. Allow fans to both buy and have their tickets scanned right from their phones.

be more innovative

Buying tickets online - check. Buying tickets on a smartphone - check. Print your tickets at home - check. Being able to keep up with Millenials - AWESOME! 

be more responsive

When you have a rain-out - rest assured that it won't be a huge ticketing hassle. Quick and easy refunding and reissuing of tickets.

be more inclusive

Attract a younger demographic by upgrading your technology. Your fans will be able to utilize social media to engage new potential fans.

  • As a weekly Saturday night track that has season passes, reserved seating, VIP seating as well as general admission along with a few different event “types” such as Monster Jam, Eve of Destruction and World of Outlaws, I have been researching for years… literally… a computerized system that was 1 affordable, 2 user friendly, 3 not an in-house server based system and 4 adaptable to our specific needs.

    Needless to say when I found this system, I really thought the whole thing was too good to be true.  For starters the website is full of information that is easily explained in terms that the average person can understand.  Secondly, the sales department and tech department are very adept and friendly.  They worked extremely well in conjunction with me while I was getting this up and going for the first time.  As this is the first time ever computerizing the ticket system at Lebanon Valley Speedway, which has used the same confusing “paper” system for over 60 years, there was a lot of pressure on me to not fail on this project.  The staff were GREAT at helping me every step of the way.  Now remember we had a 60 year system that was literally sheets of paper in folders that I had to construct into this system.  It seemed daunting until I started and realized how EASY this system is to use.  Within weeks I had the system setup and ready to operate.  Our front gate staff had not seen this until opening night and at first were a little reluctant… as everyone is reluctant to change.  However, within two weeks all of the front gate staff were using this system and operating it without issue.  Needless to say they love this system. 

    Another feature of the system that is perfect for the smaller venues is that it runs on standard computers or laptops which most facilities already have, and is cloud based so the need for an in-house server and IT person is unnecessary.  So, instead of a $7000 to $10,000 initial investment we started up with under a $2000 investment.  The actual subscription cost with the system is also significantly lower than any other system that I could find which allowed us to not have to raise our entry fees in order to supplement the cost, which had I used a different system we were looking at a minimum raise in tickets to our spectators of about $3 per ticket or more dependent on the system.  Our ticket prices have always been low cost for our patrons and it was important to all of us a Lebanon Valley Speedway that we not have to raise ticket prices and with their help we were able to keep our prices the same without losing our shirts.

    Heather O'Dell, Lebanon Valley Speedway

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